Governor Hochul signs legislation creating a sexual harassment hotline surrounded by advocates and legislative leaders

DHR's Toll-Free Sexual Harassment Hotline


New York has the proud distinction of being the first state in the nation to enact a Human Rights Law, which affords every citizen “an equal opportunity to enjoy a full and productive life.”  The New York State Division of Human Rights was created to enforce this important law. The mission of the agency is to ensure that " every individual . . . has an equal opportunity to participate fully in the economic, cultural and intellectual life of the State." 

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File a Complaint
Under the Human Rights Law in New York, every citizen has an “equal opportunity to enjoy a full and productive life.” If someone feels they have been discriminated against they can file a complaint with the Division of Human Rights. Once a complaint is filed, the Division of Human Rights will investigate and may present the case in a public hearing.

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