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The Journey of Fair Housing

The neighborhood we live in has a fundamental impact on the doors to economic opportunity, the quality of education our children receive, and even access to greater healthcare options and better health outcomes. Too often, the barrier to living where we want is housing discrimination. Housing discrimination is an evil that hurts both its victims and society as a whole. It goes against our vision of a free society and its elimination is a New York State and national priority. Every New Yorker deserves an equal chance to fully participate in the State's economic, cultural and intellectual life. The New York State Human Rights Law exists to open doors and break down barriers caused by unlawful discrimination. The New York State Division of Human Rights and the United Stated Department of Housing and Urban Development have partnered to launch a public information campaign to educate New Yorkers about their rights to fair housing entitled “The Journey of Fair Housing.” The campaign includes social media advertising, informational materials and videos, and educational events.

What Does Fair Housing Mean?

Fair housing laws allow everyone to have freedom of choice – and be free from discrimination - in deciding where to live. Housing discrimination seriously injures victims, causing them emotional and financial harm. There are strong national, state and local laws against housing discrimination. They provide many places to file complaints. The laws also afford many different forms of remedy to victims and to society, including monetary damages and fines. The laws give a court or administrative body the power to order violators to stop discriminating and to make up for past wrongdoing. Watch our video below to learn more about what fair housing means in New York State.


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Past Events

April is Fair Housing Month! This year we kicked off the month with a live Zoom event on April 5 at 1 PM, The Journey of Fair Housing: A Statewide Discussion on Breaking Down Barriers; Opens in a new windowa recording is available on our YouTube channel here.

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