Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Goals in State Contracting

It is the policy of  the New York State Division of Human Rights and New York State to maximize opportunities for the participation of New York State business enterprises, including minority and women-owned business enterprises (“MWBEs”) as contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers on its procurement contracts.  Pursuant to Article 15-A, § 312, of the New York State Executive Law, before award of a contract, a potential contractor must summit to the State agency an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement.  All work conducted under the resulting contract with the agency must be in compliance with this policy.  The successful contractor is required to make good faith efforts to solicit active participation by MWBEs, for example, through normal purchasing of supplies, travel services, and/or equipment.  Information on the availability of MWBE vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers is available from:

NYS Department of Economic Development
Empire State Development
Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development
30 South Pearl Street
Albany, New York 12245
Phone: 1-800-782-8369

MWBE Utilization Plans

Download PdfJune 2021 - DHR Plan
Download PdfMarch 2021 - DHR Plan
Download PdfDecember 2020 - DHR Plan
Download PdfSeptember 2020 - DHR Plan
Download PdfJune 2020 - DHR Plan
Download PdfMarch 2020 - DHR Plan
Download PdfDecember 2019 - DHR Plan
Download PdfOctober 2019 - DHR Plan
Download PdfAugust 2019 - DHR Plan
Download PdfApril 2019 - DHR Plan
Download PdfJan. 2019 - DHR Plan
Download PdfSept. 2018 - DHR Plan

Further Information

A directory of MWBE vendors is available from the above listed address/phone number or on the Internet as a searchable database at  page opens in a new window https://ny.newnycontracts.com/FrontEnd/VendorSearchPublic.asp

​For general information about the Division of Minority and Women-Owned Business Development, visit: page opens in a new window http://www.esd.ny.gov/MWBE.html.

If you own or represent a women or minority owned business, and are interested in contracting with state agencies, you should become certified as an MWBE.  Find further information at the above website or at: page opens in a new window http://www.esd.ny.gov/SmallBusiness/Data/DoingBusinesswithNYS_July2011.pdf.