If it is determined from a Division of Human Rights investigation that there is probable cause to believe an act of discrimination has occurred a public hearing will take place after the complaintent and respondent have been notified in writing.

Public Hearing:

1. A Division attorney or agent will present the case in support of the complaint, or you may elect to retain outside counsel.

2. A Notice of Hearing will be issued. The case may be adjourned only for a good cause.

3. An Administrative Law Judge presides over the hearing. It may last one or more days.

4. A Recommended Order is prepared and sent to the parties for comment.

5. A Commissioner's Order either dismisses the complaint or finds discrimination. In the latter case, the Commissioner may order the respondent to cease and desist and take appropriate action. The Division may order damages and/or back pay. The Order may be appealed by either party to the State Supreme Court within 60 days.

Within one year, the Compliance Investigation Unit investigates whether the respondent has complied with the provisions of the Order.